Chapter 11

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Jessica sighed.  “My job depends on it.”

Cade looked at her with questioning eyes.  “How so?”  He had dropped his chop sticks by now and was repositioning himself on her couch, his eyes still focused on her.

Defeated Jessica tossed her hands in the air.  “Jen’s wedding had some questionable pictures and I turned them over to Elliot.  He threatened to let it out if I didn’t go on a date with him.”

Cade stood up, his jaw tightened.  “He told you that?”

“No, Diana did.  My career will be ruined if he lets anyone know about this and Jen will want her money back on every single picture Diana sold to her.”

“So, this is really for Diana’s benefit?”

Jessica rolled her eyes.  “No, it’s for me too.  If this gets out to the public I won’t have a job.”

Cade shook his head fiercely, clearly annoyed.  He crossed his arms over his chest, averting his eyes away from her.  “Are you going to do it then?”

Jessica fidgeted in her seat.  He wouldn’t look at her for more than five seconds, his eyes scanning anything but her.  It was as though he knew the answer before she did.  She had said she wouldn’t do it if Cade was against it, but now that it sat in front of her she was reconsidering it.

When she didn’t answer Cade released a gush of air from his lungs, breath that he had been holding while waiting for her to answer him.  “This is ridiculous!”  He let his hands fall and started to walk towards the front door.

“Wait!”  Jessica jumped up, prepared to catch him before he could put his hand on the door knob.  “You didn’t let me answer!”  She gazed into his eyes trying desperately to alleviate the sudden tension.

Cade pulled his arm from her grasp.  “It’s clear, you’ve already made up your mind.”

Jessica let her arms dangle at her sides.  Unprepared for this reaction she couldn’t get the words out quick enough, Cade was already out the door.

Her emotions tugged at her as she began to clean up the take-out dinner.  A big part of her wanted to salvage her relationship with Cade that was quickly falling apart, and a part of her didn’t want to depend on him to provide for her and Delilah.  Going on a date with Elliot didn’t mean she was making any kind of commitment to him, if anything he could have his fun in spreading a rumor about her that would die down because people would get bored of it.

As she was getting ready to jump in the shower her phone rang.  ‘Private’ spread across the screen.  She ignored it, letting it stay on her nightstand and closed the door behind her to the bathroom.

The water trickled down her breasts, turning every inch of her skin a light pink.  She was still at a loss of what she should do.

“Guess I don’t really have a choice.”  She mumbled to herself after she had finished her shower.

She picked up her cell phone seeing that whoever had called from the private number did indeed leave a message.

She dialed it and listened to only a part of the message.  Diana had given Elliot her number.  If she had Diana’s home number she would call her right now and disrupt whatever she might or might not have going on.  She tossed the phone across her bed and removed the towel from around her.  She would deal with this on Monday.



“So I see you got my number from Diana?”  Jessica didn’t even bother with calling Elliot back.  Instead she went straight to the police department and confronted him in person.  She wasn’t going to play his game, but she was going to get the date over with.  On her terms.

“Well, well, Ms. Wilers I  knew I would be seeing you.”

Jessica crossed her arms over her chest trying to display how utterly annoyed she was with the whole situation.

“I suppose you have considered my proposal.”  He gave her a cocky smile.

With a roll of her eyes she stepped close to him.  “I have and I’m not impressed at all.  It would have been a  little more appropriate for you to be man enough to come to me with this instead of threatening my boss with my job.”

Elliot scoffed.  “If you remember correctly I did try asking you on a date and you acted as though I was invincible.”

Jessica uncrossed her arms and softened her expression a bit.  “I wanted you to do you job.  I wasn’t there to be asked on a date if you remember.”  Her eyes grew cold as she stared him down.

Elliot loosened his smile and tugged at a belt loop on his jeans.  “So?”

Jessica shifted her weight.  “I came here so you could take me to lunch.”

His laugh boomed through the room and several of his colleagues turned in their direction.  He leaned closer to whisper in her ear.  “I don’t do lunch dates sweetheart.”

Her lip curled up in one direction.  “It’s this or nothing.”

She knew she was driving an unlikely bargain, one he wouldn’t easily agree to, but she wouldn’t dare let him call the shots especially after Cade had walked out on her.

Elliot sat back onto his chair, digging in one of his desk drawers.  He pulled out a set of keys.  “Let’s go babe.”

Jessica stepped in front of him, noticing how he was about the same height as herself which she found increasingly unattractive.  “Do not call me babe.”

Elliot drove her to some restaurant that she hadn’t heard of and given she hadn’t lived in California long there were many choices she wouldn’t have heard of.

The restaurant had a valet which was proof that Elliot was trying to swoon her.  She would play along with it.  For now.

“If you would have agreed to a dinner date I would have taken you shopping for a pretty dress first.”  He said, wrapping his arm around her waist.  She fidgeted, trying to relax and let him think she was into him.

A couple hours and this would be over with and she would try to get in contact with Cade.  Maybe he would answer this time.  Maybe.  She had already left him several messages in hopes he would call her back.  She went all weekend without talking to him and she was starting to get aggravated.  Monica had even called her to ask her what was going on as Cade wouldn’t answer her calls either.

The hostess who was petite with dark black hair and matching eyeliner led them to a secluded area in the back of the restaurant.  Jessica cringed when she imagined he had everything prearranged  and possibly took all his dates and one-night stands to this area.  Not that she would be falling into that category, but still, the idea unnerved her.

Elliot ordered her an alcoholic drink as well as one for himself.  She stopped the waiter asking for a glass of water to accompany the drink she wouldn’t be touching.

“You moved in from Texas?”

“Yeah.”  Jessica averted her eyes away from him thinking of nothing but Cade and how angry he was making her.  She wasn’t sure whether her anger was misplaced or his was.  She had no plans to kiss Elliot much less sleep with him so she didn’t see why it was such a big deal.

“You don’t like me do you?”

Jessica didn’t hear the question and didn’t bother looking at him until his hand grazed and lingered over hers.  She pulled it away quickly as though his hand were on fire.

“I never said that.”  Her voice got quiet as the waiter approached them, dropping off their drinks and asked them what he could get them.

“I’ll have the Cajun-Asian fried rice with shrimp.”

Jessica cleared her throat.  “I’ll have the same.”  She handed her menu back to the waiter and crossed her arms over her chest.

When the man, with blond hair and blue eyes left their table Elliot lifted his eyebrows in her direction.

“What?”  She said defensively.

“You didn’t even look at the menu.”

She shrugged letting her arms dangle off the table and into her lap.  “I’ve never eaten here, I’m assuming you have so I trust that you know which item to order.”

“What if what I was having you ended up being allergic to?”

Again she shrugged.  Not like it mattered, she didn’t plan on eating it anyway.  She was doing this as a favor to Diana and no one else.  Elliot deep down might be a nice guy but the only nice guy she wanted right now was Cade and at the moment he was being a dick.

“Couldn’t you at least act like you were enjoying yourself?”

His suggestion sent chills up her spine.  She hadn’t realized she was being so cold, letting exactly how she felt roll out onto her sleeves.

She shook her head.  “I’m sorry.  I’m being a bitch aren’t I?”

Elliot smiled.  “Just a little but I understand why.”

The rest of the dinner went well and Jessica found herself comfortable with Elliot.  Now they were sitting in the parking lot of the police station talking.

“What made you want to move to California?”

Jessica sighed remembering everything that happened upon moving to California.  “I moved for the job and a new start.”  She wanted to give him as little details as she could because despite how comfortable he was making her it really was none of his business.

“I see.  A new start from what?”

“Just some thing I was going through.”  She waved her hand in the air mindlessly.

She felt him shift in his seat but didn’t think he would possibly do what he did next.  His lips were on hers in an instance and she took a moment to react, her lips paralyzed beneath his feeling his hot breath on hers.

She finally reacted, pushing him off of her and staring him down before moving her hand to the door.  “What the hell?”

“You wanted it.”  Elliot countered.

Jessica rolled her eyes and emptied out of his truck, stomping towards her car.  “Jerk!”  She yelled across her shoulder trying to keep her anger at bay.


Chapter 12 >>>>


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