Jessica or Jessa as her mother has always called her is set on moving to California and taking her 8-year-old daughter Delilah with her.  Moved by the notion to get away from her past Jessica accepted a job as a wedding photographer in California, hundreds of miles away from the small town that she grew up in.  Her mother doesn’t want her to leave and the only positive thing she has to say about the move is that hopefully she will find someone to marry.

Jessica starts her new job immediately upon their arrival to California.  Her first wedding to photograph is intimidating.  With a beach setting she has to get everything perfect.  Not even a photograph could capture the beauty of the wedding itself. 

As Jessica is developing the pictures of the wedding she notices something strange and new technology clears it up for her.  Behind the bride and the groom there is a definite shot of a murder taking place.  A guy with a gun held to his forehead.  From the side of his face Jessica can tell he is terrified.  She does what any normal person would do, she hands the photograph over to the authorities and tries her best to manipulate a copy of the photo so she doesn’t get fired from her job by not being able to supply all photographs that she took that day.

Little does Jessica know that turning the photograph over to authorities has now led her to be a victim in her own life.  Her world is turned upside down as she tries desperately to cover the fact that she is the reason one man is in hiding from the law.

A/N: Beyond The Photograph contains language that might not be suitable for anyone under the age of 18.  There are also scenes that include sexual content.  If you are above the age of 18 and none of this offends you please continue by clicking the link below. 

Chapter 1>>>>


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