Chapter 4

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A/N:  CAUTION!  This Chapter contains adult language and sexual content.  You can skip past the sexual content and resume reading where the arrow is, (this is what it’ll look like —>) and it will not take away from the storyline.  Read on!

“Do you want to come in for some coffee?”  The words felt foreign against her lips. 

 How silly of her to ask if he wanted coffee at nine o’clock at night.  What else would she have offered him?  A glass of water?

 They stood on the porch and he might’ve kissed her had she not opened her mouth.  Truly inexperienced, and if he didn’t know before he knew now.

 “Sure.”  Cade said as he watched her unlock the door.

 He couldn’t help but wonder what she looked like naked.  Monica had chastised him about being a gentleman, but he wasn’t sure he could do it.  Monica had said there was something about Jessica, and if she didn’t make the first move he shouldn’t even try.  He knew Monica had been right.  There was something about Jessica.  Something so innocent.

 He followed her into her kitchen, leaning on one of the counters.  He couldn’t help it and found himself staring at her as she moved freely between the coffee maker and a drawer.  What was it about her that made him want her so bad?

 He was watching her.  Jessica could feel the sensation of his eyes roaming over her.  It was as though his eyes acted as hands. 

 “Sugar?”  Jessica asked turning around.

 She saw as Cade averted his eyes.  “Lots of it.” 

 He leaned against the countertop again ,and Jessica could see his bicep more clearly as the sleeves of his white t-shirt crept upwards.  She kept her hands busy as the coffee slowly formed in the pot. 


 “Hm?”  Jessica didn’t turn around when he talked to her.

 She felt his hand on her shoulder.  He bent down and whispered in her ear.  “You don’t have to be nervous.”

 “I’m not.”  She lied.

 “You are.”  He turned her to face him.  He wasn’t much taller which she liked because she didn’t have to crane her neck to make eye contact.  He tried to sound confident.  He knew that his presence made her nervous and hoped he could calm her down.  “Monica told me you might be a little nervous, I didn’t even think you would invite me in.” 

 Jessica tried to come up with a reason why she would invite him in.  Why did she anyhow?  She didn’t even know.  She was unclear on the rules for dating.  She had met Matt in middle school and they had sent cheesy messages back and forth asking each other out.  When they first had sex it was after they had officially made the title of boyfriend/girlfriend and at that point they had already been dating for around two years. 

 So was her inviting him in a gesture of offering herself to him?  It had been way too long.  In a normal situation she would have kissed the guy to boost his ego and then retreated into the comfort that lay behind a closed-door.  This wasn’t a normal situation though.  This was a very hot guy in her kitchen who she would be having fantasies about for the next week.  This was her first attempt at relieving all the sexual tension.  She was surprised she had suppressed her sexual urges for that long and found it quite easy not to just screw anyone.

 “Honestly I don’t know why I did.  It just seemed like something to do.”

 Cade abruptly let go of her and found his spot back at the counter.

 “I mean.”  Jessica sighed.  “I’m no good at this.”  She admitted.  Like word vomit it erupted and she couldn’t stop it.  “I haven’t had sex in six years.  I moved to California to escape this past I couldn’t seem to leave behind.  I thought that I would meet someone and have crazy passionate sex with him and it would change everything…”  She would’ve kept going but Cade’s lips were on hers.

 It was a soft kiss at first and then it grew hungry, eager.  Cade lifted her up against the refrigerator and forced her legs around his waist.  He was tasting her neck, nibbling at her ear.

 Jessica moaned.  It had been far too long and already she felt herself getting wet.  He had only kissed her.  She gasped when his hand found her breast, and he pulled the straps of her dress down to reveal the skin.  His mouth covered her nipple and his tongue swirled around it in a rhythm.

 Jessica wasn’t even sure she would make it and felt an orgasm coming on.  She dug her nails into his shirt and tried to calm it. 

 “Fuck me.”  She pleaded her eyes full of desire.  At this point she couldn’t control herself.  He had made the first move and she wasn’t stopping him.

 Cade didn’t hesitate and began walking up the stairs, carrying her with him. 

 “Where’s your bedroom?”  Cade panted between kisses.

 “To your left.”  Jessica held onto him, her hands roaming in the length of his hair.  She continued to kiss him, biting down on his bottom lip every now and again.

 Jessica’s room was dark except for a dense light that evaded the room from the moon.  She was thrown down on the bed, her legs spread open.  Her mind raced as she felt every sensation sweep over her.  His breath was hot against her skin, and his hands were surprisingly soft.  He touched her every place she could be touched, shoving the top half of her dress down and hiking the bottom half up. 

 A feeling of regret tweaked itself into her thoughts and she shoved it away quickly.  They were two consenting adults and what he was doing to her right now was unimaginable. 

 His mouth was running over her stomach, placing hard kisses along her abs.  Then he moved down further and a little too slow for her liking.  She felt his fingers as he spread her open to allow himself more access to her. 

 Jessica grabbed the sheets above her head and sucked in a breath.  It didn’t take her ten seconds to relieve her orgasm. 

 She heard Cade chuckle.

 “What is so funny?”  She rose her head from the bed and looked at him, her legs still twitching.

 He placed his hand over his mouth and wiped her off of him.  “I have just never had a woman orgasm so fast.”

 Jessica rolled her eyes.  The last thing she wanted to be thinking of was him with another woman.  She dug her fingers into his hair and pulled him up to her face.  “I want you now.”

 With a swift movement his pants and boxers were on the ground.  He all but ripped his shirt off of him and Jessica ran her hands over his chest.  He didn’t give her time to admire him as he dove into her and she screamed out his name.  Jessica gasped and moaned.  Her fingernails raked across his back and she lifted her legs up higher to allow him to fall deeper into her. 

 “Oh, Cade!”  She screamed again as she came.

 His mouth covered her neck, biting down hard while she finished her orgasm.  She felt so good that he knew it wouldn’t be long, and he would be laying on the bed beside her too weak to move.

 He thrust harder and deeper and her moans were driving him wild.  He couldn’t take it anymore and lifted up to see every inch of her body, watching her breasts move to his rhythm.  He gripped her legs and tilted his head backwards as he felt his own orgasm tease him. 

 When he was finished he collapsed on the bed beside her.  He looked over at her to find her staring at the ceiling.

 “Are you okay?”

 Jessica heard the sincerity in his voice.  He probably wanted to know if she regretted the entire thing.

 She met his gaze and replied, “I’m fine.”

 ——> The next morning Jessica wasn’t surprised that Cade wasn’t beside her.  It wasn’t like she was just going to expect a relationship with him.  Though she was curious as to whether he would contact her again.

 She stumbled down the stairs to make her a cup of coffee when she realized she had left the coffee pot on. 

 “Shit!”  She rushed down the stairs to find that it was already turned off.  Cade must have done it.

 She turned it back on and made some coffee, patiently waiting for a cup.  She wrapped the robe she had put on herself last night tight and sunk into the cushions of her couch. 

 Thinking back to last night made her smile then frown.  Had he used a condom?  She couldn’t remember and was certainly too caught up in the moment to think about it at the time.  It really had been way too long since she had sex.  She would have to get back in the groove and maybe Cade would be her experimenting buddy.  Unless he would consider a slow-moving relationship.  Hell, who was she kidding.  They had already slept together.  No way could they move things slow and that would be enough to cause him to run the other way. 

 Jessica shook her head as her phone started ringing.  She thought it might be Monica asking her about how everything went, though she suspected Cade might be the kiss-and-tell kind of guy. 

 “Hello…uh huh…no.  You can’t be serious.  Okay.”

 Jessica dropped the phone and almost sent her coffee flying across the carpet.  She fell into a daze as she tried to gather her composure. 

 Her mother was dead.  It had happened last night, and an autopsy was being ordered to determine the cause of death.

 No this couldn’t be happening.  Not now.  Delilah. 

 Jessica ran up the stairs to throw some clothes on and drove to Monica’s house.  What in the world would she tell her daughter?  That if it wasn’t enough of a tragedy to lose her father she now lost her grandmother as well?

 She couldn’t stop them.  The tears came and blurred her vision.  She had to get rid of them.  She wasn’t going to tell Delilah just yet.  She couldn’t.  Not until she figured out what to say.  She thought telling her the same thing she had said when Matt died would work out the same.  Maybe saying that grandma wanted to see her daddy so she went to heaven too.

 Jessica didn’t even believe the words herself.  She didn’t believe in God.  Never had.  Her mother was very religious and had pushed it onto Jessica so many times.  Maybe it was the rebellious side of her that forced the atheist side into her.  Her mother was the only one that knew and she made sure to hide it from everyone.  Her mother would be embarrassed to admit her own flesh and blood didn’t believe in a higher power.

 But, regardless, she would tell Delilah this story because she loved hearing about God and the creatures He made.  At least Jessica could let Delilah decide what she believed in. 

 When she pulled up Delilah and Monica were outside.  Monica was pushing her on a swing set and smiled heavily when she noticed Jessica pulling up.

 Almost as if reading her mind a concerned look played onto Monica’s face.  “What’s wrong?”

 Jessica grabbed Monica’s arm and took her away from the swing set.  “My mother died last night.  I don’t know what to do.”

 Monica’s hand covered her mouth in a quick gesture, a shocked look crept onto her face.  “What happened?”

“We don’t know yet.  My brother called me almost as soon as I woke up.  An autopsy is being done.  I don’t know what to do.  Should I go back to Texas or stay here?”

 Monica knew Jessica didn’t need an answer for that so she just stood quietly.  It seemed like her new best friend had the worst luck of anyone she knew.

 “Well, I was going to ask how it went with Cade but I guess now is not a good time.”

 Jessica buried her face in her hands and started sobbing.  When she looked up the makeup from last night was smeared beneath her eyes.  “While I was fucking my mother was dying.  And I don’t even know how it happened!”

 Monica wrapped her arms around Jessica.  “It’s okay.  I know it’s not now but it will be.  It is not your fault.  You couldn’t have known.”

 Jessica knew Monica was right and she was glad they had built a friendship.  Otherwise she would be facing this ordeal alone.  She didn’t know if she could be alone.  Another death on her plate and she was even more torn apart.  To a point when she was finally able to accept that Matt was gone and he would want her to move on now she had been hit again.

Chapter 5>>>>


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