Chapter 5

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Monday morning arrived fast and Jessica was appreciative of it.  Delilah would be in school and she would be at work, anything to get her mind off of the death of her mother.

She still hadn’t heard back from her brother on what the cause of death was and suspected her mother’s body was in a morgue somewhere.  Jessica shuddered as she pulled up to Wyte Photography.  She hated to think about anyone’s body without a soul attached to it.

Jessica didn’t grab anything except her purse and her keys.  She wasn’t going to be taking any pictures until the wedding on Thursday.


 A tall fire-red hair woman stood in front of her.  Light freckles were sprinkled across her nose and under her eyes.  She stuck out her hand.  “Diana.”

“Hi Diana.  It’s so nice to finally meet you.” 

“Are you ready to get to work?  Jen will be here in a few minutes.  She’s fashionably late every time.”  Irritation lingered in her words. 

“Is Jen the uh…”

“Bride, yes.  She’s a bitch just so you know.”

Jessica swallowed hard.  She could do this. 

“None of my other guys or gals would take the job.  Too scared.  It appears that I’ve hired you at just the right time.  Newbie’s always take the shitty jobs.”

Diana didn’t sugarcoat anything Jessica noticed.  She was blunt as blunt could be.  It was her job wasn’t it?  To not turn down a job?  It was money just the same wasn’t it.

Diana brought Jessica into a huge room with a desk, chair, and a few photographs.  They were of Diana and a man with a graying mustache.  His hair had a few dabs of grey here and there.

“Sit.”  Diana instructed.  “I need your license and social security card.  I also need you to fill out the tax forms for me.”

Jessica took a pen and started on the paperwork Diana tossed in front of her.  Diana shifted in her chair and started pecking at the keyboard to her computer. 

“I wanted you here early so I could give you the run down.  I knew Jen would be late so I wasn’t worried.”  Diana gave her a cock eyed smile.  “Jen is 28 years old like yourself.  She had contacted us regarding five weddings only to have every groom dump her right before the wedding.  I hate to do business with her but she pays the big bucks.  Although there is a huge chunk of money if you give her satisfying pictures there is also the attitude you get right along with it.  She is very particular on what she wants.  I suspect this wedding will fall through as well and her daddy will storm in here wanting their money back but for the hell his daughter puts through my employees he never gets it.  Even the judge isn’t afraid to put that girl in her place.”

Diana sighed, her chest expanding and then dropping heavily.  “She’s nuts.  The girl has got issues.  From what I hear she has chased after her ex so many times and she does just about everything she can to find a guy just like him and it backfires every time.  She’s like a sick puppy.”

Jessica laughed at the statement.  What would make a girl chase after a guy like that?

“But we like the money.”  Diana continued.  “She will be coming by today to give a down payment on the pictures.  If this wedding follows through I expect twice of what she gives me today and I will then give you your share.  I suspect you won’t disappoint her even if she is the pickiest bitch to walk the face of the Earth which is why I am willing to split the money with you differently than what I normally do.  Don’t tell anyone about it.”

Jessica nodded and handed the paperwork back to Diana.

“So far your pictures have been the best I’ve seen in a long time.  My crew is good but I was eager to get your ass here and have you start working.  And then I got the phone call from Jen.  She couldn’t have given more of a shorter notice but we’ll go with it.”

Diana threw Jessica’s papers in a drawer of her desk and stood up.  “She should be here any minute.”

When Jen showed up Jessica got the vibe that Diana was right.  Jen looked like a bitch.  A fake smile was plastered onto her face.  She had a very short hair cut in a deep blond color and light blue eyes.  She was on the heavier side with rounded cheeks and a few ear piercings.

 “Hmm, I guess she’ll do.”  Jen laid out a magazine in front of them.  “I want this.”

 “A wedding at the beach.  Surprise, surprise.”  Diana mumbled.

 “A typical shot of me and my groom walking along the beach.  I want to make sure this beach is clear of everyone.  I want more shots of me and the groom than anything else.”  Jen smiled happily to herself.

Jessica picked the magazine up and examined it.  Every girl’s dream, or just about.  A wedding at the beach.  It was a beautiful idea but the way Jen was going about it was all wrong.  At a beach wedding there shouldn’t be a ton of guests.  It should be a serene experience, a private one.

 Jessica dropped the magazine as rapidly as she had picked it up.  What was she talking about?  She had never in her life thought she would get married.  The only guy she had ever considered marrying had been Matt and when that didn’t happen the idea never popped into her head again.  Until now.  She rubbed her temples as Jen went on and on about her color scheme and what she wanted.

 Diana had been right.  Jen was a bitch.  Three hours later and Jen was gone.  She had talked about her new groom and how she met him almost immediately upon cancellation of her previous wedding.  She said he looked exactly like her ex boyfriend and since he was a virgin she couldn’t wait until their honeymoon.  Jessica and Diana had exchanged worried glances at each other when Jen wasn’t paying attention. 

 Jessica sat in Diana’s office going over the wedding shoot. 

 “You’ll have to go with her to pick up her dress.”  Diana instructed handing Jessica a pen to write everything down.

 “I’m not a wedding planner.”  Jessica protested.

 Diana rolled her eyes.  “None of us are dear but this is what she does every time.  she doesn’t even have to come in and consult with the photographer doing her wedding.  It is the same thing every time.  She will want pictures of her dress at the dressing room..”  Diana paused and looked at Jessica until she got the cue to start writing.  “This is all about her unfortunately.  She wants pictures of her final fitting before the wedding.  She wants pictures of the limo she plans to arrive at the wedding in and since there will be so much other stuff going on you’ll have to do these at the fitting.”  Diana went through the list and then concluded with a comment of, “she’s quite weird in her requests.”

 Jessica giggled to herself as she felt her cell phone vibrate against her.  Three o’clock.  Time to get Delilah from school.

 “Go.”  Diana waved her out the door.  “But, remember you might have to get someone else to pick her up on Thursday.”

 “No problem.”  Jessica already had that arranged with Monica. 

 Considering Monica worked her own hours she had practically offered to help with Delilah any way she could.  She told Jessica that the reason she didn’t have kids was to get her career going first and said that Jessica should start on hers as soon as she could.   

 The drive to Delilah’s school took twenty minutes and the entire way Jessica couldn’t stop thinking about Cade.  Monica hadn’t mentioned anything about him so she was beginning to worry.

 Her mind also drifted between their rendezvous and her new client.  She turned from hot and bothered to pissed off.  She would just have to deal with her.  Diana promised a good deal of money, and if she could handle Jen Laker she could show Diana that she would regret hiring her in the first place.

 “Mommy!”  Delilah flew into Jessica’s arms.  She still hadn’t told Delilah about her mother.  She didn’t want to ruin the first day of school for her.  She thought the weekend would be better and it would give her time to recover.  Her brother had also promised not to schedule the funeral until Saturday so Jessica could take a flight back home for it.

 Jessica wrapped her daughter tight and took a huge sniff of her short brown hair that smelled heavily of watermelons.  “How about some pizza?”

 Delilah let go of Jessica and hopped into the SUV.  “Yes!”

 Jessica buckled her in and then got in on the driver’s side.  “Good because I already ordered it.”

 They ate in silence and after Jessica cleaned up she and Delilah sat on the couch watching an old movie on television.  She wrapped herself and Delilah up in a blanket and settled back onto the couch.  It didn’t take long for Delilah’s breathing to become slow and shallow.  Jessica moved her hair out of her face and noticed that she was asleep.  She smiled and lifted her into her arms, carrying her limp body to her bedroom.

 “Sleep tight Deli.  I love you.” 

 Delilah snuggled into the covers and Jessica left her door cracked open a bit before going downstairs to wind down for the night.  Diana told her not to come in until 10 so she didn’t have to get up except to see that Delilah was up and ready for school.

 Cade.  She couldn’t stop thinking about him.  “What the hell.”  She said to herself and picked up her cell phone.  She dialed in Monica’s number.  She was going to find out what was going on and where they stood.  She didn’t want to be a one night stand even if he didn’t want a relationship.  She at least wanted companionship, even if that meant having random hot sex and eating dinner once or twice.

 “Hi Monica.  I don’t meant to bother you so late but I was wanting to talk to you about Cade.”

 “You want to know why he hasn’t called you or anything?”  Monica yawned into her phone.

 Jessica felt her cheeks grow hot.  “Yeah, something like that.”  She knew he had her number because Monica had given it to him.

 “I kind of told him about your mom and he decided to back off and let you deal with that first.”

Jessica felt relieved and without thinking she let out the breath she’d been holding for Monica’s entire sentence.

 “Did it scare you?”

 Jessica nodded and then slapped her forehead.  “Kind of.  I thought I might be out of practice but I had hoped it wasn’t bad enough for him to not want to talk to me ever again.”

 Monica laughed into the phone.  “From what he says it was amazing.  I told him to keep his hands off of you unless you made the first move, but he said you invited him in so I stopped scolding him at that point.”

Jessica laughed with her.  “I am very out of practice as far as the dating scene goes.”

“It’s okay we all screw up sometime.  Anyhow, I’m going to get to bed.  Cade said he would call you after your wedding shoot is done, tell me how that goes by the way.”

 “I will.  After I get done Delilah and I have to catch a flight back to Texas.  Thank goodness I don’t have to drive.  I think I’d shoot myself.”

Monica yawned again.  “Talk to you tomorrow or something.”

 Jessica hung up the phone and couldn’t help but feel a twinge in her stomach.  Cade had said she was amazing in bed.  Maybe just maybe they could do it again sometime.  She did need a male companion and she was sure with time Delilah would warm up to the idea.

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