Chapter 2

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When it came to the house that Jessica had chosen for her and Delilah it was more beautiful in person.  Especially since she had an interior decorator come in and revamp the place.  It was amazing what you could accomplish over the internet and through the phone.  A few phone calls and Jessica had found Monica, an interior designer. 

The house had been previously occupied by a few college students who attended school in San Luis Obispo, just fourteen miles driving distance from Avila Beach.  They had left more than a mess and because of that Jessica had purchased the house for a ridiculously cheap amount.  Well, compared to what it would’ve been.  Even with Laurie’s help she still ended up winning on the deal, and if she ever decided to sell the house she’d be raking in more than what she paid for it. 

“Here are your keys.”  The realtor whose name was Cassandra laid the keys across Jessica’s palm.  “Welcome home.”  She smiled and watched Jessica as she walked towards the house.

Jessica felt happy for the first time in a long time as she jammed the key into the lock and twisted the handle.  Her home.  Their home.  She had already seen pictures of what Monica had done to the place via email but seeing it in person was more astonishing.  More vibrant.  And beautiful. 

The kitchen was the first thing she saw.  The counter tops had been stripped of their formica and replaced with white marble.  The tile of the floor was a tan color which somehow matched the glossy texture of the counters.  She wondered if they would feel smooth against the soles of her feet, smooth like the way the countertops looked.  The cabinets were all a dark brown color almost in close resemblance to black.  It satisfied her to find a kitchen that she could move in, complete with a middle island.  Plenty of space which was something she would never find in her mother’s house. 

The next room was the living room.  It matched the kitchen with white carpets, furniture to match and a black coffee table.  There was a television hung on the wall above what would normally be an entertainment center.  It was oddly designed and something she wouldn’t chose for herself, though glad Monica had thought of it.  The curtains sat behind two plants in a light gray color.  The sprinkle of plants in the room seemed to bring it alive.  She would definitely need a few pictures up with bright frames. 

Jessica turned to Cassandra.  “Thank you for all of your help.  It is beautiful.”  She felt reassurance that the move was a good one, despite the twinge in her heart when she thought of her mother. 

“You are quite welcome.”  Cassandra clasped her hands together.  “I appreciate your business.  If you have an concerns I’m only a phone call away.”

Jessica told Delilah to search for her room.  With four rooms it might take her a minute.  While she did that she would call Monica and thank her.  She had called Cassandra ahead of time to pick the keys to her new home up but Cassandra insisted she deliver them to the address.  She wondered if Monica would have similar enthusiasm.  She doubted it.  Jessica had grown fond of Monica and the two had spoken of a dinner date when she arrived in California. 

“Hi Monica, this is Jessica.  I was calling to let you know we made it here safely and the house is so beautiful.”

“Do you like it?”  She could hear Monica’s smile.

“Absolutely.  I’m waiting to hear how Delilah likes her room.”  Jessica listened to Delilah’s footsteps.  She would stop which meant she was inspecting a room and then move on.  She had probably already found one of the bathrooms, mistaking it for another bedroom. 

Monica laughed.  “So are we still up for drinks?  I was thinking I could take you and Delilah somewhere tonight.”

Jessica thought for a moment, originally she was supposed to start work the following day after arriving to California when her employer switched her to another wedding.  She had heard it was one that many photographers turned down, but she wasn’t sure why. 

Photography was a passion and something Jessica had taken many classes for.  She decided to let her guard down and apply with Wyte Photography owned by Diana Wyte.  The ad was placed on one of the search engines when Jessica boldly typed in the word photography.  She hadn’t wanted to move to California but she had promised herself she would do something out of the ordinary.  Once hearing about the job it was an opportunity she couldn’t pass up.  Diana Wyte hired her on the spot after a brief over-the-phone interview and sample pictures.  Jessica had taken simple nature shots and a few shots of Delilah that she forwarded to Diana through email.  Apparently her skill with the camera and her knowledge of a picture editing program was all she needed to secure the job.

“That would be great.” 

Going out on a Wednesday night wasn’t ideal but she had the rest of the week to prepare her new home and settle in.  She wasn’t starting Delilah in school until Monday and the wedding was on Thursday.  She had to show up at Wyte Photography first thing Monday morning to talk with the bride.  The bride had a little say in what she wanted and Wyte Photography did the rest.  Diana was going to prep her considering she’d never taken shots at a wedding and wouldn’t know for sure what she should take pictures of.

“Oh my gosh!” 

Jessica heard Delilah’s squeal from downstairs.  She followed the tiny voice.  “Do you like it?”

Pink.  Decorated in all pink.   Delilah’s favorite color.  Delilah had never been able to paint her room back at her grandmother’s house.  Most of the reason being because it didn’t belong to her. 

Jessica thought if she could just give Delilah something personal and make her excited about the move it would eliminate all evil thoughts of her being drug away from her grandmother.

Delilah didn’t know it but she had helped pick out the scheme.  When asked what her favorite shape was Delilah had drawn a rectangle.  Jessica used that to inspire the theme of several rectangles on the pillow cases and bedspread.  The same pattern was used on the curtains, and straight lines were drawn on the wall.

It was middle afternoon.  They had time.  Time to enjoy their new home and get a few items in the house.  Jessica had opted to buy just about everything new as far as furniture went because she didn’t want to hassle with it.  Besides, her brother and sisters were always needing somewhere to stay so they could alternate between her bed and Delilah’s. 

Jessica backed the SUV against the house.  The first thing she would mess with was her computer.  She needed to get it set up as soon as possible.  She didn’t want to be scrambling around when Monday arrived. 

Delilah helped with what she could, mostly her own toys but Jessica was appreciative of her determination anyway. 

An hour later and Jessica was hooked up her computer.  She had locked up the SUV once it was empty.  Dirt clung to the floor mats and she would have to give it a vacuum and a shampoo.  They would also need to go grocery shopping.  Jessica sighed once realizing there was a lot more to do than what she had anticipated upon arrival.  The thoughts of sitting on her couch enjoying a cup of coffee weren’t going to happen.  At least not until tonight.

“Hey there girlie!”  Monica greeted Delilah as she climbed into the backseat.

Jessica smiled as Delilah said hello back.  There was actual happiness in her voice even giddiness.  Delilah was going to be okay.

“How are you?”  Jessica asked as she buckled herself into the passenger seat.

“Good, but you look exhausted.” 

It was a comment not meant to offend by the tone of Monica’s voice but Jessica couldn’t help the feelings of insecurity.  She had opted out of make up, almost forgetting how to put it on.  It had been so long since she made an effort and tonight she tried not to care. 

“I need a make over.”  Jessica admitted.

Monica gave her a playful glare.  “You don’t want to look like every other California girl do you?”

Jessica laughed.  “No, but an upgrade would be nice.” 

“I don’t expect you to look like a ten after your move in though.  I’m sure you’ve been busy.”

Jessica rolled her eyes.  Busy was an understatement.  After the trip to the grocery store she had literally plopped down on the couch and found the first show she could and stared at the screen until it was time to get ready for their dinner date. 

“I hope you don’t mind.  I’m taking the two of you to Avila Valley Barn.”

Jessica’s eyebrows squished together.  “What’s that?”

“Delilah will love it!”  Monica glanced in her rearview mirror at Delilah who was once again listening to her iPod. 

Jessica looked in the backseat as well.  “She always does that in the car.  The music I listen to is never satisfying enough.”  She offered an explanation for Delilah’s existance only in body and not in mind for the moment.

“She can’t stand small talk either.”  Jessica added. 

Monica nodded her head as if she understood.  She didn’t have kids of her own so understanding any of them would be difficult.  She hadn’t known where to take them until talking to her sister who had three of her own children. 

Jessica tensed as they entered the parking lot of restaurant.  A petting zoo.  She heard Delilah gasp.  Well, now she knew of one restaurant that was kid friendly.  She would keep it in mind.  At least the distraction would give them something else to talk about instead of her own life.  She had discussed just about every aspect of it with Monica while they did business together and somehow had become friends.  But Matt was another topic.  Jessica knew Monica was curious about it.  Just as any other person was.  They had wanted to know what happened, why he had left and most importantly what had kept Jessica single for six years.

Jessica shrugged it off and tried to enjoy the weather and the laughs of a dozen kids.  She just wished she had thought to bring her camera.  She usually took it with her everywhere.  She could only guess waking up at 5 a.m. this morning and then driving the remainder of the way to Avila Beach had taken her mind to a different process.  The move was a change so maybe she would change as well.  She didn’t know whether to embrace the thought or push it away completely. 

“Remember to give your number out to every available bachelor.”

Her mother’s words stung within her.  She didn’t know the first thing about flirting or acting interested.  She only knew her usual way of shoving the men away.  She had done it purposely, and she wasn’t quite sure she could reprogram her brain to do the opposite.

Monica picked a table for them.  Thankfully the tables weren’t too close to the animals.  Jessica had to watch and make sure Delilah wouldn’t run off as she went from the different animals.

Monica stuffed her nose in the menu.  Jessica at that moment decided things would be awkward.  Eventually she would have to talk about it.  Given Monica had asked her once if Delilah’s father was going to be mad they were moving so far away she was sure the conversation was imminent.  She would be curious again.  Jessica had given her a reply that Matt was no longer around and left it at that. 

“She’s such a beautiful little girl.”  Monica had placed the menu in front of her, open and was now watching Delilah. 

Jessica turned her head.  Her little blue-eyed beauty was talking to another little boy. 

“Do you know where he is?”

Jessica closed her eyes.  It would take everything in her to relay the story.  She had to.  If she was going to move away from her past and do something with her life she would have to tell someone.

She sucked in a breath.  “It was July 4th.”  She recalled, reminding herself that this would be the first time she would ever tell anyone her story.  “Six years ago.  We were all in the car driving home.  Matt saw the car but it was too late.  A drunk driver slammed into us and the only thing Matt could do was turn the car so the other car hit the driver side.” 

“Matt.  Matt!  Oh God no!”  Jessica’s arms were like jelly, flailing everywhere.  She tried to reach for Matt in the darkness.  She felt the blood running down his face.  She tried to feel his chest to see if he was breathing.  Nothing. 


The screeching of tires first and then the combining of the two metals echoed into the air.  The impact happened fast and didn’t even give her time to scream.  They were left upside down somewhere alongside the road and she could only hope someone would see them.  She knew as deep as the ditches were the car wouldn’t be in site from the road.  Not unless there were remnants of the car on the road somewhere.


Just then she realized Delilah was in the back seat and she hadn’t cried or anything……      


Chapter 3>>>>


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