Chapter 12

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Jessica drove to her house, swearing beneath her breath the entire time.  She wanted to call Diana but knew at the moment not only would she come unglued on her she might potentially run off the road.  Instead she drove as quickly as she could legally to her house and placed the vehicle in park.  She didn’t want to try calling Cade again but she really needed him at this very moment.

“Monica?”  She said when she was greeted with the familiar voice.

“What’s going on?”

“Are you busy right now?”  Jessica was on the brink of crying because her anger was too much to contain and punching an inanimate object at the moment didn’t sound too appealing.

“Not at all, what’s up doll?”

“I need to talk to you.”  Jessica said, slamming the door to her SUV.

“Be right there.”

Jessica snapped the phone shut, set the alarm on her SUV, and ran into her house.

The house was silent and Delilah wouldn’t be home for a few hours.  She needed the silence.  Without thinking she started crying.  Her body fell to the floor, her back leaning against her front door.  She knew Monica would be flying up the driveway and knocking on her door in no time which meant she had to gather herself together.  She reluctantly lifted herself from the wood flooring and ran an arm along her face to rid it of the already drying tears.

Monica arrived within five minutes of the phone call and didn’t even bother knocking.  She burst through the door, her hair in a complete mess.

By now Jessica had calmed herself and was in the kitchen pouring herself a drink.

“When did you become an alcoholic?”  Monica joked, her expression softening a bit when she saw that Jessica was at ease.

Jessica downed the scotch and offered some to Monica.  “Technically I have to have more than a few drinks to be considered an alcoholic.”  The scotch felt good as it slithered down her throat and forced her body temperature to rise.  She hiccupped.

Monica tore the bottle from Jessica’s hands and glared at her.  “What the hell Jess?  What is going on with you?”

Jessica smiled widely at her.  “Cade hates me because I went on a date with Elliot because Elliot threatened to let everyone know about Jen’s pictures which would cause me to loose my job and Elliot tried to put the moves on me.”

“I heard about what happened with Cade.  He was pretty upset, but that gives you no reason to get wasted.”  Monica had her hands on her hips and Jessica found this mildly entertaining.

She burst into a soft giggle.  Monica couldn’t help but laugh with her.  “I can’t believe how much of a lightweight you are.”

Jessica shrugged glancing at the clock in the kitchen.  As long as she sobered up by the time Delilah got home in two hours she would be fine.  She made her way to the living room where she collapsed onto the couch.

“Cade doesn’t want me anymore.”  She said in a pitiful voice, one meant to have whoever was around her feel sorry for her.

“That’s not true.  He just needs space.  After what Jen to him he is completely tore up and leery of any girl who gets in his life.  You are no exception and are especially terrifying to him.”


“Yeah his ex fiancé.”

Jessica felt her throat drop into her stomach.  She knew the likely hood that Monica was referring to a different Jen was high but still.  “Wait, I’M terrifying to him?  What is that supposed to mean?”

Monica shrugged.  “You aren’t from around here.  For all he knows you are putting on an act to who you really are.”

Jessica’s jaw dropped.  “But you know that is not true.”  There was silence.  “Don’t you?”

Monica swept a few stray hairs back off her forehead and took a seat next to Jessica.  “Of course I do.  But I’m not the one you need to prove that to.  Going on that date with Elliot is just going to bring up suspicions that Cade should stay away from you.”

Her life was becoming more and more screwed up.  She couldn’t even fathom what could possibly go wrong next.

Jessica rested her arm across her face and situated herself comfortably against the back couch cushions.  “I love him.”  She exhaled.

She peeked at Monica whose eyes were about as wide as she could get them.  “What!”

Jessica played it off as if it were no big deal.  “I love him.  I’ve loved him from the first night he was in my bed.”

“How, I mean, why?”

Jessica sat up and revealed her face, her body nearly shaking.  “I love him.  He’s sweet kind and incredibly sexy.  When we had sex I didn’t feel like it was just that.  He made me feel as though he were making love to me.  I know it hasn’t been that long but I haven’t felt this way since Matt died.”

Monica smiled from ear to ear and put her arms around Jessica.  “Does he know?  Have you told him yet?”

Jessica’s face fell.  “No.  I haven’t had a chance to and I figured if I told him before I went on a date with Elliot he would think I was just trying to say anything for him to let me go.”

Monica nodded her head in agreement.  “That makes sense.  I really think you should tell him though.”

Jessica stood up and over exaggerated her gestures.  “How am I supposed to do that?  He won’t even answer my calls or return any of them.  I’m telling you I’ve called him over one hundred times since Friday night when he left.”

“I’ll call him.”  Monica promised.  “But you relax, I’ve got to go to work.”  She patted Jessica on the arm before letting herself out the door.

The air in her home was cool and it sent chills along Jessica’s body.  Delilah would be home in an hour and she started feeling like the alcohol was slowly wearing off.  Delilah had never seen her drunk nor had she ever drunk any alcoholic beverage around her only daughter.  She had a weak moment and had to remember that a guy would never be as important as her daughter.

Jessica started cleaning up her barely-used kitchen, making sure to bleach the counter tops.  She would get her mind off of admitting her love for Cade.  She was being as honest to herself which didn’t happen often.  She lived for denial because it seemed way too complicated to be honest.

After she had cleaned the counters, floors, thrown away any food that had gone past its expiration date, and rearranged some of the dry goods in her cabinets she stood back to admire her work.  She was about to walk to the living room to start dusting and vacuuming when her doorbell rang.  She took a moment to straighten out her t-shirt and run her fingers through her hair before she opened the door.

Cade stood, a serious expression on his face that sent Jessica into shock.  “Wha…”

Before she could finish Cade had taken her into his arms, both hands firmly gripping her face.  In one swift movement he had closed the door behind him and held her up against one of the walls in the hallway.  His lips were on hers, viciously tasting her mouth with his own.  Jessica felt her entire body quiver under his touch.  She kissed him back, her arms limp at her sides, dazed by what was happening.

He withdrew his face and looked into her eyes.  “I’m sorry.  I love you too.”

Jessica felt the tears at the brim of her eyes and tried to push them back.  She was utterly thankful for having Monica as a friend.

Cade wrapped her up in his arms and carried her to the bedroom where he laid her on the mattress.  He drew his shirt up over his head and tossed it on the floor.

Jessica took in the view of him, the spot between her legs starting to ache for him.  She lifted up and kissed him on the neck, her teeth grazing his skin as she sucked and kissed all the way down it and onto his chest.

She looked at the clock.  Thirty minutes until Delilah would be off the bus.  “We don’t have time.”  She breathed into his ear.

He nodded and peeled her clothes off.  He took in her creamy white skin, beyond perfection in his eyes.  Her hair was a little tangled which, along with the seductive look she was giving him put off the most irresistible vibe.  He tasted her sweet and salty skin, his kisses running up and down her body, making sure she was ready for his entrance.

When she arched her back and spread her legs a little wider he knew she wanted it.  He lifted himself from the bed, unbuttoned his jeans and let them fall to the floor.

Jessica’s eyes widened when she saw his cock already erect and throbbing in the air.  He didn’t waste any time and dove into her causing her to squeal in desire.

“Wait…”  She placed her palms on his chest and forced him out of her.  “Do you have a condom?”

Cade kissed her softly.  “Would it be so bad if we didn’t use one?”

Jessica pulled him close to her and let him enter her once again without another thought.  She loved him and he loved her.  She didn’t know a lot about his past but to her it didn’t matter.  She wanted to feel as close to him as she could with no restrictions.

His cock filled her up, touching every inch of her pussy.  She gasped and bucked her hips in rhythm with him.  His rhythm started off slow and steady which caused Jessica to beg for more.  She wrapped her legs around him allowing him better access to the depth of her.

He leaned down and sucked one of her nipples into his mouth, twirling his tongue around it.  Her nipple stiffened and stood at a point, not from the sudden drop in temperature in the room but by the moisture from his tongue.  Cade grabbed her breasts, one in each hand and leaned up, his eyes intently focused on her.  She rolled her eyes back in ecstasy and lifted her hands above her head, grabbing onto her head board as he pounded deep into her at a faster pace.

He tilted his head back feeling his orgasm getting closer as she tightened the muscles in her pussy.  She was wet, so wet that he glided in and out of her easily.  He could tell from the first time he had ever entered Jessica that she might have well been a virgin.  He tried to think of something else to prevent him from going before she got the chance.  Her breathing became faster and faster so he knew she was fixing to cum.

“Cade!”  She screamed, her orgasm drawing so close that she wrapped arms around him to prepare for it.  When he placed his thumb on her lit that was the end of it.  Her orgasm jolted throughout her body and she released the grip she had on him.

Cade felt her legs go limp so he knew her orgasm had come.  He moved his hands up to her legs, lifting them up so he could watch every inch of his cock draw in and out of her soaked cave.  He could feel her watching him which excited him even more.  Within seconds he felt his orgasm come strong and collapsed on top of her, covering her in soft kisses.

“Wow.”  Jessica said in a soft whisper.  She got up and put her clothes back on, tossing Cade his so he could do the same.  “Delilah.”  She said, explaining before she left him in her room to dress.

Jessica was in a heavenly daze as she opened her front door.  The bus was right down the road so Jessica leaned against the door frame to wait for it.  She heard Cade stomping down the stairs.  He placed his arms around her, kissing her cheek.

“I guess now is a good time to let Delilah know?”

Cade laughed a hearty laugh and looked into her blue eyes.  “I think she’s a smart girl and she’s already figured it out.”

Jessica smiled.  “You are probably right.”

She gave him a kiss and turned back around to see the bus whiz past her house without any hint of stopping to let Delilah off the bus.

“Wasn’t she…?”

Jessica waved a hand at him.  “I’ll just called Natalie, she probably missed the bus again.”

Jessica’s stomach churned telling her that something was wrong.  She tried to play it off once she heard Natalie’s voice.  She kept her voice steady as she asked if perhaps Natalie was on her way to drop Delilah off.

“No, Brandi said Delilah got a ride from some guy.”

Jessica had to tighten her grip on the phone.  “Some guy?”

“Yeah, in a black tahoe.  Brandi, did you get a good look at the guy that Delilah got in the car with?  No, she doesn’t know who it was and wasn’t able to see who was in the car.”

Jessica sighed and bit her lip, hard.  “How does Brandi know it was a man if she couldn’t see inside the vehicle?”  Irritation dug into her words as she spoke them.  She tried to remain calm knowing that getting frantic about it wouldn’t change the circumstances.

“I don’t know.  That’s just what she said, Jess I’ve got dinner cooking and it’s burning.  I’ll talk to you later okay?”

Jessica threw the phone across her kitchen, it split in half.

Cade moved towards her, placing an arm around her as she fell to her knees.

“Call Elliot.”  She said between the tears.

“Why?”  Cade said defensively.

Jessica looked up at him, anger burning through her eyes into his.  “Because my daughter got into a black tahoe with some guy at the school and she still isn’t home.”

Cade pulled out his phone and began dialing the police department, asking for Elliot as soon as they answered.


Chapter 13 >>>>


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